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09 October
FC News

Soul Serenity — the new beginning

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Welcome to Soul Serenity's new home in the world wide web!

We are a small, friendly FC located on Phoenix server, Chaos datacenter. Our goal is to provide our members an online home where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves. If you are interested in joining us, you can do so by submitting an application or contacting us directly in game. In latter case, search for Ara Kirani.

Please enjoy your stay!

18 January

Patch 3.5 Checklist & What To Do

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Source | Patch Breakdown Google Docs

Main Story Quests

"Tidings from Gyr Abania" > The Rising Stones 6,6 > Tataru
Main scenario quest "An Ending to Mark a New Beginning" must be completed

Beast Tribe Quests (Moonlift Dance)

"When Good Dragons Go Bad" > Idyllshire 6,7 > Drydox
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" and the quests "The Nest of Honor," "A Symbiotic Friendship," and "The Zenith of Craftsmanship" must be completed


"The Last Pillar to Fall" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
Quest "Balance unto All" must be completed

Zurvan Extreme

"A Demonic Duplicate" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
Quest "The Last Pillar to Fall" must be completed

Sohm Al (Hard)

"The Fires of Sohm Al" > Idyllshire 4,8 > Gossamer Moogle
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" must be completed

Dun Scaith

"Where Shadows Reign" > The Sea of Clouds 6,5 > Stacia
Quest "Freedom for Our Skies" must be completed


Side Quests (eyeglasses emote)

"An Egi by Any Other Name" > Limsa Lominsa 4,11 > Thubyrgeim
Quest "Primal Burdens" must be completed

"Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts" > Idyllshire 7,6 > Walking Atlas
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" must be completed and you must have obtained every Lanner mount


"The Proud and the Pointy-eyed" > Ishgard 9,11 > Cyr
Quest "Don't Trust Anyone over Sixty" must be completed


"The Student Body's Revenge" > Ishgard 8,7 > Briardien
Quest "Finding Ulaa" must be completed

Anima Weapon

"Born Again Anima" > Azys Lla 7,11 > Ardashir
Quest "Future Proof" must be completed


  • Hold Crtl while viewing the map
  • Test "Equip previous Set" and "Equip Following Set"
  • Try the search feature in the Journal window
  • Check out Duty Finder settings
  • Check out new Novice Network features
  • Check out the Raid Finder window
  • Check out the Log Filters
  • Check out EXTRAS in the Actions & Traits window
  • Check out Quick Chat in the Actions & Traits window
  • Talk to Grand Company's quatermaster
  • Check out Squadron windows
  • Check out "Paintings" section within Market Board
  • Experiment with Egi glamours
  • Set Keybind "Target Own Companion"
  • Check out the Party Finder window
  • Check out the Contact List window
  • Check out the Fitting Room window
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display help text when using cross-type main commands
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display Pop-up Text
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Pop-up Text size
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display registered duties in Timers
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display duty registration details in Timers
  • Character Configuration > Hotbar settings
  • Character Configuration > Log Window Settings > Display World name in chat log when is another server
  • System Configuration > Other Settings > Group Pose/Idling Camera Settings
  • System Configuration > Gamepad Settings > Enable window zoom via R3

Other things to do

  • Check out Battlehall
  • Check out NPC Material Supplier & Housing Merchant in a housing area
  • Check out Idyllshire
  • Check out Bertana in Idyllshire 5,5
  • Check out NPC Joyous Painter and preview paintings in Idyllshire 4,6
  • Keep Company Workshop up to date
  • Obtain Garo event items
  • Use a database to overview new items
  • Obtain new orchestrion rolls
  • Obtain new Triple Triad cards
  • Fish new big fishes
15 October

FINAL FANTASY XIV: STORMBLOOD announced! Coming 'early summer 2017'

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Link to the trailer in case the video doesn't play 

Stormblood official site

Details given in the NA Fan Fest; these include

  • Multiple new jobs (one hinted with a Scarlet Mage t-shirt)
  • New level cap at 70
  • "Revamped battle system"
  • Inventory space increase!
  • 4th residential area!
  • New flyable areas: Stormblood will explore Ala Mhigo
  • Warrior of Light's main job in 4.0 is Monk (akin to DRG for 3.0)
  • New artifact armor, pics for BLM, BRD, WHM, DRK
  • Concept art
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