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Fellow Cats, prepare for Samurai now, miao!
There's a company will gear you up  now for a small amount of gil/fishies:

Join me, and we can protect the Cat Shogunate from the evil Sparkly pirate (who has the gall to call herself a legitimate merchant no less!) and those damn restoration dogs she trades guns to!

(P.s. For those non-brits wondering, then yes, the Metro is one of the best newspapers in the UK today - when best means best at being picked up fore free when boarding a train for a long journey as a backup in case all the staff are striking again and haven't resupplied the restrooms)
well more totally legit completely non-smuggled from the Doman wetlands super high grade catnip for you!

also can I just point out how happy I am that this is a British paper and as such has the "u" in words that should have's so nice to see Honour spelled correctly
Sparkles being nice and offering high quality catnip?

[Image: e5a.png]

Also can I miao God Save the Queen Britishly or will that start a fight?
ehh well I'm not really much of a Royalist so I don't really mind either way....I guess it just depends on how annoying your miaoing voice is
Wasn't so worried about the Royalist part more causing trouble with the divorce proceedings with the EU, now we've filed the papers....

Well that or upsetting you and your crew by reminding them of Her Majesty's Royal Navy and the mighty Frigates that make up her ranks, with their powerful guns that tend to de-make those pathetic hunks of wood you pirates call ships, miao ^^
I found one music video,and i liked it much,i just leave that here:) For all Miqo'tes fans:)

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