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15 October
Game News

FINAL FANTASY XIV: STORMBLOOD announced! Coming 'early summer 2017'

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Link to the trailer in case the video doesn't play 

Stormblood official site

Details given in the NA Fan Fest; these include

  • Multiple new jobs (one hinted with a Scarlet Mage t-shirt)
  • New level cap at 70
  • "Revamped battle system"
  • Inventory space increase!
  • 4th residential area!
  • New flyable areas: Stormblood will explore Ala Mhigo
  • Warrior of Light's main job in 4.0 is Monk (akin to DRG for 3.0)
  • New artifact armor, pics for BLM, BRD, WHM, DRK
  • Concept art
27 September
Game News

Patch 3.4 Checklist & What To Do

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Source | Patch Breakdown Google Docs

Main Story Quests

"Promises Kept" > Ishgard 11,11 > House Fortemps Knight
(Main scenario quest "Floor the Horde." must be completed.)


Great Gubal Library (Hard)

"Let Me Gubal That for You" > Idyllshire 5,6 > Midnight Dew
(Main scenario quest "Heavensward." must be completed.)


Grand Company Adventurer Squadron

"Squadron and Commander (Your GC)" > Location of your GC > Your GC's Personnel Officer
(Quest "Rising to the Challenge." must be completed with achieved rank of second lieutenant or higher with your active Grand Company.)


Wondrous Tails

"Keeping Up with the Aliapohs" > Idyllshire 7,5 > Unctuous Adventurer



"Balance unto All" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
(Quest "The Fate of Stars." must be completed.)


Sophia Extreme

"A Deific Simulacrum" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
(Quest "Balance unto All." must be completed.)



"The Coeurl and the Colossus" > Dravanian Hinterlands 21,18 > Mide
(Quest "A Gob in the Machine." must be completed.)


Alexander Savage

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Retells Your Story" > Mor Dhona 21,8 > Wandering Minstrel
(Quest "Of Endings and Beginnings." must be completed.)



"A Gazebo to Call Our Own" > Ishgard 9,11 > Cyr
(Quest "The Measure of a Mammet." must be completed.)



"Divine Reckoning" > Ishgard 8,7 > Briardien
(Quest "More than Meets Her Eye." must be completed.)



"It's Time to Duel" > Wolves' Den Pier 5,5 > Fainthearted Fighter



  • Try PvP presets.
  • Check out Actions & Traits window.
  • Use search feature in Active Help.
  • Check out Report RMT activity feature.
  • Queue up for multiple things and check Duty Finder UI.
  • Check out the Gold Saucer tab of the Duty Finder window.
  • Check Adventurer Squadron mission within the Timers window.
  • Check out the Gardening category on the Marketboard.
  • Check out Armoury Chest, Character and retainer Attributes windows.
  • Play with Countdown window and test it.
  • Play with Orchestrion windows and settings.
  • Play with Group Pose.
  • Play with Idling Camera.
  • Play with Camera Settings window.
  • Character Configuration > Display Name Settings.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > HUD.
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > General.
  • Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Cross.
  • Character Configuration > Hotbar Settings > Custom.
  • Character Configuration > Control Settings > Camera Speed (Analog Stick)" and "Camera Speed (Keyboard).
  • Play with Aquarium window and settings.


Other things to do

  • Obtain Apartment.
  • /flex
  • /sneer
  • /respect
  • /facepalm
  • Check out Spoils Trader NPC.
  • Check out Resident Caretaker NPC.
  • Check out new items at the Gold Saucer.
  • Check out Auriana in Mor Dhona.
  • Check out the beach beds at Costa del Sol with /doze.
  • Check out Expedition Bishop and Wood Wailer at Quarrymill.
  • Check Amalj'aa, Ixali, and Vanu Vanu vendors for new items.
  • Check out all three types of Apartment buildings.
  • Get promoted to first lieutenant.
  • Check Grand Company's Quartermaster for new items.
  • Check out the Triple Triad Battlehall.
  • Check out changes to Idyllshire.
  • Try Dueling.
  • Try Feast Custom Match.
  • Try spectating a Feast Custom Match.
  • Beat new Triple Triad NPCs.
  • Overview new items.
  • Keep Orchestrion list up to date.
  • Keep Gathering Log up to date.
  • Keep Fishing Log up to date.
  • Keep Triple Traid collection up to date.
  • Rework BiS list for main classes and jobs.
17 September
Game News

Patch 3.4 Trailer! Patch will be out Sep 27!

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Letter from the Producer XXXII Update Thread / Unofficial translation

Patch includes: 

  • New main scenario quests
  • New sidequests, including scholastise and Hildibrand
  • Final Alexander floors: The Creator
  • New trial, Sophia the Goddess
  • New dungeons, Xelphatol and Great Gubal Library HM
  • Palace of the Dead floors 51-200 (patch 3.45)
  • PVP updates (dueling, custom matches, spectating)
  • New Grand Company rank (and gear) and GC squadrons
  • Wondrous Tails, a weekly challenge log with great prizes (sort of)
  • Gold Saucer updates (Triple Triad instanced hall, Lord of Vermilion to DF, 3 purchaeable tickets to Jumbo Cactpot)
  • Housing updates (apartments, aquariums, playlist for Orchestrion)
  • Double cross hotbar
  • Adjustments to Diadem (i235 gear, spoil exchange rates, able to que as gatherer)
  • New tomestones -> Esoterics become unavailable (convertable to Lore), Lore cap is removed, Scripture will take Lore's place
  • RP online status



06 August
FC News

Soul static (name pending) first meet up on Friday 12 August at 8 PM server time!

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  • Tera (WAR) and Karin (PLD)
  • Ara (SCH) and Twit and Dihada (WHM)
  • Ayleth (BLM), Amenia (idk), Arryan (MNK), Tolbain (BRD), Dihada (DRG)
  • Ayleth will be our raid leader

We'll start by doing Final Steps of Faith extreme — practise your rotations and read up/study the fight beforehand!

Also make sure you can use Discord! Just listening is fine.

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