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26 July
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FINAL FANTASY XIV Hotfixes (Jul. 25, 2016)

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The following adjustments within the Palace of the Dead has been made:

  • The chance of enhancing your Aetherpool Gear has been increased upon opening the silver coffers.
  • You will obtain +1 enhancements on both Aetherpool Arm and Armor upon defeating the 50th floor boss.

That's good news!! Makes farming for the weapon a bit more tolerable...

08 June
Game News

Patch 3.3 TO DO list and "how to unlock"

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I've been so busy with the housing thing I haven't had the time for making this post. However, Reddit had a simple list, so I'll copypaste it here. Source.

Also check out Patch Breakdown and Job Adjustments Google Docs.


3.3 list to do in a nutshell

Main Story Quests

"The Man Within" > Ishgard 11,11 > House Fortemps Knight

(Tip: Main scenario quest "Causes and Costs" must be completed.)


Beast Tribe Quests

"Tricks and Stones" > The Churning Mists 27,34 > Seething Stonemason

(Tip: Main scenario quest "Into the Aery" and the quest "Laying the First Brick" must be completed.)


Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)

"Storming the Hull" > Limsa Lominsa 11,10 > Denston

(Tip: Main scenario quest "Heavensward," and the quest "King of the Hull" must be completed.)


The Weeping City of Mhach

"The Weeping City" > The Sea of Clouds 6,5 > Stacia

(Tip: Quest "To Rule the Skies" must be completed.)



"The Gigi Situation" > Ishgard 9,11 > Cyr

(Tip: Quest "Don't Call It a Comeback" must be completed.)


Side Quests

"The Fate of Stars" > Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
"The Paths We Walk" > Fortemps Manor 6,6 > House Fortemps Manservant

(Tip: Quest "When the Bough Wakes" must be completed.)
(Tip: Some may not be unlocked without other content clears first.)


Nidhogg Extreme

"Nidhogg's Rage" > Mor Dhona 21,8 > Alys

(Tip: Patch 3.3 Main scenario quests must be completed.)



"A Dream Fulfilled" > Azys Lla 7,11 > Ardashir

(Tip: Quest "Finding Your Voice" must be completed.)



  • Check out Language tab in Duty Finder Settings.
  • Check out the special recipes section of the Crafting Log.
  • Check out the Recommended Gear button in Character window.
  • Confirm /visor button in Character window.
  • Check out new Mentor icons.
  • Check out the Hidden mark option in Journal window.
  • Confirm Next Beast Tribe Daily Quest Allowance in Timers window.
  • Check out Hud Layout presets.
  • Experiment with the Party Finder's new feature under Role(s).
  • Check out the Party Finder.
  • Character Configuration > Item Settings.
  • Charcter Configuration > U.I. > Party List > Role Sort Settings.
  • Character Configuration > U.I. > Hud > Hide duty list options.
  • Character Configuration > Character > Manually adjust visor (select gear only).
  • Character Configuration > Display > Pet Hotbat Display Settings.
  • Queue for a Duty and check out the Duty Menu and other U.I. changes.


Other things to do

  • Check out Airship routes from Ishgard.
  • Confirm Airship's Aethernet.
  • Obtain Vanu Vanu Head, Vanu Vanu Body, Vanu Vanu Arms, Vanu Vanu Waist and Vanu Vanu Legs from the Vanu Vanu beast tribe vendor.
  • Obtain Gnath Head, Gnath Thorax, Gnath Arms, Gnath Abdomen and Gnath Legs from the Vath beast tribe vendor.
  • Check out Grand Company Seal Exchange NPC.
  • Check out the new Recompense Officer NPCs.
  • Check out new MGP rewards.
  • Check out Lord of Verminion's new icon during a match.
  • Check out the new Materia Melder NPCs.
  • New items are available from Bertana in Idyllshire (X:5.9 Y:5.2).
  • Explore Idyllshire.
  • Check out the new "Raised" message.
  • Make your PvP action presets and test them.
  • Experiment with the Raid Finder.
  • Try the new Frontline's The Fields of Glory (Shatter).
  • Keep Gathering log up to date.
  • Obtain new Triple Triad cards.


Mounts and Minions in this patch

from XIV Trivia Twitter

25 May
Game News

Make It Rain!

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And then there were some (7.5.—10.6.)

Ollier, an attendant of the Gold Saucer, is seeking volunteers to sample a number of attractions before they're released to the public. Those seeking respite from arduous adventures in the wilds of Eorzea are encouraged to seek him out. From May 27 (8 AM) to June 10 (3 PM GMT). 



Eureka! emote


Senor Sabotender Trophy (furnishing)

Everybody loves a winner. And with this trophy you too can feel like a winner.


Golden Sparkler

Unsatisfied with the spark output of regular sparklers, Manderville & Manderville hired their own team of pyrotechnicians to create the perfect work of fire.


Gold Saucer Ticket

Redeem for one free play at any of the Manderville Gold Saucer mini attractions (Jumbo Cactpot, Mini Cactpot, chocobo racing, and Triple Triad not included).





During the event all attractions will reward 50% more MGP.

This applies to:

  • Mini Cactpot
  • GATEs
  • Chocobo racing (Excluding challenge races.)
  • Triple Triad match rewards (Including matches held outside of the Gold Saucer.)
  • Triple Triad tournament reward
  • Lord of Verminion tournament reward
  • Mini-games
  • Challenge Log

As was revealed in Developer's Blog.

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