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19 May
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Sneak peek into patch 3.3 / Release on June 7th! updated 27.5.

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Patch 3.3 ─ Revenge of the Horde is scheduled for release at the beginning of 7th of June.



Playstation Blog released some higher quality screenshots on their Flicker. / More screenshots!

Letter from the Producer XXX Patch 3.3 Part 2 / Letter from the Producer XXIX Patch 3.3 Part 1




Main Scenario Preview

Spoiler-free summary: it continues where it left off. Not much of a preview, but hey, pics!



The story will conclude in a 8-player TRIAL:

The Final Steps of Faith,

the “Final Boss” for the Dragonsong War story ark. The fight will have normal and extreme versions, as usual, and the latter will reward players with "cool-looking weapons".

The Final Steps of Faith: i205 required
The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage: i220 required



Dungeon Preview:

Sohr Khai


Majestic and forgotten, its existence unrecorded in the annals of man, a palace rests atop the clouds in the farthest reaches of the Churning Mists. This skyborne splendor was once home to Ratatoskr, brood-sister to Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg, until the treachery of mortals ensured that its stones would never again ring under the she-wyrm's talons. The dragons named it "Sohr Khai," a grieving apology for their failure to avert her fate, and they watched with infinite sadness as Ratatoskr's empty roost was overrun by bird and beast.

Required ilvl 200 / light party / 90min

Unknown pre-requisites



Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)


To the chagrin of countless treasure hunters, the golden coffer of the legendary Mistbeard was not to be found on Hullbreaker Isle. And so like the mists which had withdrawn to reveal the isle did those ambitious souls depart to seek fame and fortune elsewhere, allowing Eynzhar Slafyrsyn to quietly petition Admiral Merlwyb for permission to repurpose it as a training ground for Maelstrom recruits. The storm marshal would have you be the first to brave this gauntlet, that you might pit yourself against the isle's fearsome fauna and the Maelstrom's elite, and in so doing rouse their spirits. Will you give the storm officers a beating they will not soon forget, or will they stand triumphant at the last and shout that they have bested the Warrior of Light?

Req. ilvl 200 / light party / 90min

Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward," and have also completed the quest "King of the Hull." The quest for the dungeon itself is called "Storming the Hull".






  • Wards 9 through 12 will be added to all residential districts. Subdivisions will also be available in these new wards, resulting in a total of 240 new plots of land for each district.
  • Plot prices are lowered so that a small plot costs 3 mil-3,750,000 Gil, medium 16-20 mil Gil, large 40-50 mil Gil depending on the location of the plot

 & Flowerpots Indoor Gardening

  • No cross-breeding
  • Used for growing flowers that are used as decoration in vases and as crafting material for a flower headpiece
  • Soil and fertilizer are used, and flowers need to be tended daily
  • Flowers's colors change depending on the used fertilizer




When we last saw Hildibrand─agent of enquiry, inspector extraordinaire─he was accompanying the wayward mammet Gigi to Ishgard in the hopes of regaining its memories. What shocking revelations will they expose when they arrive in the Holy See?



Chronicles of a New Era: The Warring Triad

Sephirot, the Fiend, first of the Warring Triad to awaken, fell to the combined might of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. However, these gods of eld are not the only threat with which you and yours must contend, for the Garlean Empire and her loyal servant, Regula van Hydrus, still seek to harness primal powers. Should they be allowed to succeed, the fate of this very star may be forever changed…

This is not a trial, but rather a side quest (chain). It's SOLO CONTENT.



Void Ark 2: The Weeping City of Mhach

Deep in the Yafaem Saltmoor lie the ruins of the fabled city of Mhach─a civilization of the Fifth Astral Era whose prosperity was built upon unparalleled magicks of destruction. It is to this ancient edifice, and its vaults of occult secrets, that you and the Redbills plan your next foray.

Required ilvl 205 / 3 x 8 players / 120min

Players must first complete the quest "To Rule the Skies." The quest for the dungeon itself is called "The Weeping City".



The Aquapolis a.k.a the Treasure Hunt Dungeon

  • When opening a treasure chest, the portal to the Aquapolis MAY spawn with 50% chance
  • The portal stays open for 10 minutes; after distributing the initial loots, the map holder selects the portal to enter into Aquapolis with the party
  • A group with a tank and a healer recommended; 4-player party is enough
  • The amount of chests doesn't change depending on the number of party members
  • Ilvl is synced to 180
  • Inside, there is an open area with two doors and a treasure chest. Clicking on the treasure chest spawns monsters and defeating all of them gives rewards. Afterwards, the map holder selects a door that EITHER lets the party into another room OR throws them out of the dungeon (50% chance)
  • There are SEVEN rooms in total, and the final 7th room gives every party member 100,000 Gil
  • The further the party gets the easier it'll become for them to obtain rare rewards
  • Cyclops drop materia (grades IV and V, or in the final room, just grade V) and rare rewards, but swing their clubs "pretty wildly"
  • Golden Goblin is a random non-aggressive creature that flees from the party; the party has 30 seconds to kill it, which will yield Gil of varied amounts (the further the party is in the dungeon the more Gil Golden Goblin drops)
  • Aquapolis also drops rare minions (like baby opo-opo) which are normally obtained through dungeons



The Deep Dungeon - The Palace of the Dead (ON 3.35 NOT 3.3!)

  • As you go deeper into the dungeon, the environment will look different
  • There are items which can only be used inside this dungeon, and which you can't take with you
  • You will be upgrading the weapon as you go, and the final glowing, special weapons can be taken out of the dungeon to be used in other content
  • Special bosses!
  • It can be played solo BUT it's balanced based on four players
  • You'll be able to que with DF
  • If you don't reach the next check point before being defeated, you'll return to the last one



New beast tribe, Moogles

In ages past, Zenith stood proudly in the Churning Mists as a testament to the bond between man and dragon. Alas, this once great sanctuary now lies in ruin. Though its remains are lost to the wilds, the moogles who call this land home would fulfill an age-old pact with Hraesvelgr to see the great wyrm's home restored to its former glory.

  • Focus on crafting
  • If done with a lvl 60 crafter, the quests give Grade V materia as rewards


New PVP Frontlines map, Field of Glory (Shatter)

  • Grand Companies compete against one another like in Seal Rock
  • There are THREE locations the parties can capture, similar to capturing the nodes in Seal Rock
  • The circles are, however, captured by standing in them instead of interacting with them directly
  • These circles do not disappear during the match
  • Captured circles give points slowly
  • Additionally, ice crystals spawn around the map; destroying them gives a lot of points!
  • Once a crystal is destroyed it will not respawn



Raid Finder

  • A DF for high-end raiding, sort of; it'll find players who have queued with similar criteria
  • The player is able to que for Alex: Midas (Savage) floors
  • When queueing, the player gives certain criteria: whether they are looking for a clear or practice, and for the latter, what phase they want to practice
  • If the player has cleared the content, they can mark themselves as "Duty Complete" instead of "Duty Incomplete" (players who haven't cleared the content can't select this at all)
  • If the player has already gotten the weekly reward, they can't que for that particular floor because it would reduce the treasure chests gotten at the completion for the other players
  • The party composition is set at 2 tanks, 2 healers, 1 melee, 1 ranged physical, 1 ranged magical, and one wild card DPS if not queueing as a full group; for clears, Raid Finder doesn't match the groups with two of the same DPS jobs, but for practice matches it may happen
  • Raid Finder is used to que to the content even with full groups
  • The development team is expecting feedback from the raiders to adjust the options



Anima Weapon update

  • Anima is slowly upgraded by turning two types of items into catalysts that are used to raise the secondary stats
  • One conversion gives +3 points (with a chance of higher point yield)
  • The max value for each attribute is 120
  • The convertable items can be earned multiple ways; while the time efficiency varies, different routes are balanced in terms of spending time and Gil (so faster route costs more Gil and vice versa?)
  • Completing the step, the Anima gets a new look and will be the equivalent to if a player melded three Grade V Materia to the weapon
  • Also the crystal drop chance towards the i170 pre-Anima is increased



New gear for gatherers and crafters & adjustments to scrips

  • Two sets acquired with red scrips and crafting (crafted have lower ilvl, but can be melded)
  • New primary tools
  • Is required for crafting new battle gear
  • Red scrips are easier to get
  • Gathering spots for the items used for collectables are increased
  • The scrips earned when turning in items on a level 60 class are increased
  • Experience points when turning in items on a class that is level 59 or lower are boosted
  • ... and other all-around adjustments



PS4 gets DX11 drawing quality

Ability to save up to three FOUR HUD layouts 

A "Recommended gear" button 

Partial search for MB

Preset Feature for PvP Actions

Arrange the party list

  • PS4 users get Drawing Quality Setting
  • Need to position the party list to an easily accessible place for healing, and enemy list for tanking and dps'ing? Need different HUDs for battling, crafting and gathering, PVP? Now you don't have to compromise!
  • Equip optimal gear from your inventory for any class/job with one button, located next to the gear set icon on your character window. No more manual searching for the correct pieces! (based on ilvl, not stats)
  • PARTIAL SEARCH OH MY GOD YOU CAN SEARCH FOR "carb" and look through the search results to get Grade 4 Carbonized matter instead of typing "Grade 4 Carb"!! (excuse my excitement)
  • "Until now, players needed to redistribute their PvP points every time they switched jobs. The new preset feature will store the PvP actions set on the job. This is similar to the gear set feature, and you can store up to 5 sets."



Other Small Adjustments

  • New Mentor icons: Mentor / Battle Mentor / Crafter & Gatherer / PvP Mentor
  • Idling Camera Update: can now be used while in combat
  • Group Pose Update
  • New Battle-related Auto-Translate Terms



Fenrir Learns to Fly

03 May
FC Events

WELCOME SUMMER 2016! on MAY 21 from 7 PM GMT

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Let's celebrate the change of seasons!


  • chocobo racing (Gold Saucer),
  • Triple Triad,
  • minion giveaway lottery!
  • summertime fashion!
  • group screenshots

Prepare your summer outfits and show them off! Get your Triple Triad decks ready! Train your racing chocobo! Get out your good luck charms, because we have several expensive minions saved up for you!

Let's enjoy the beginning of summer together on our PCs and consoles — or, if you are like me and are not fond of the warmest season of the year, let's make it more bearable for each other!

Welcome summer '16!

22 February
Game News

3.2 Checklist & How To Unlock Stuff

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Quest Name

Pre-req. Quest


NPC @ Position

Main Scenario

As It Once Was

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


Tataru @ The Pillars
(X: 11.5 Y: 11.1)

Side story

Kettle to the Mettle

The Vital Title (relic weapon quest)


Jalzahn @ North Shroud
(X: 29.5 Y: 19.6)


A Gentleman Falls, Rather than Flies

Heavensward main story

Her Last Vow (previous Hildebrand quest)


Nashu @ The Pillars
(X: 5.9 Y: 9.9)



Quest Name

Pre-req. Quest


NPC @ Position

The Antitower

The Word of the Mother

As It Once Was
(Part of 3.2 Main Story)



Alphinaud @ The Rising Stones
(X: 6.0 Y: 6.0)

The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

One More Night in Amdapor

Heavensward main story

One Night in Amdapor (The Lost City of Amdapor Normal Mode)



E-Sumi-Yan @ Old Gridania
(X: 6.0 Y: 10.6)



Quest Name

Pre-req. Quest


NPC @ Position

Containment Bay S1T7:
Sephirot, the Fiend

When the Bough Wakes

Heavensward main story



Unukalhai @ The Rising Stones
(X: 6.1 Y: 5.2)

Containment Bay S1T7:
Sephirot, the Fiend (EXTREME)

A Fiendish Likeness

When the Bough Wakes (Sephirot Normal Mode)



Unukalhai @ The Rising Stones
(X: 6.1 Y: 5.2)



Quest Name

Pre-req. Quest


NPC @ Position

Alexander: Midas


Enigma (Alexander: Gordias Normal Mode)



Roundrox @ Dravanian Hinterlands
(X: 21.7 Y: 18.8)

Alexander: Midas (SAVAGE)

A Refrain for the Undaunted

A Gob in the Machine (Alexander: Midas Normal Mode)


Wandering Minstrel @ Mor Dhona
(X: 21.7 Y: 8.7)


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