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17 November
FC Events

Starlight Celebrations with «Soul»: Secret Santa

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How it works:

  • You give me your email address. It needs to be something you actually use; I won't give it to anyone else or send you Viagra ads, I promise.
  • You have until November 25th, which is when I'll create a Soul Serenity Secret Santa group on DrawNames.co.uk, and you will get an email from them. Click the link in the mail to join the group.
  • On November 28th, DrawNames will partner everyone up. You need to join the group by then or you will be left out. I can't add more people after this deadline!
  • You can create your own wishlist and view your partner's. You can also ask questions ("Would you be comfortable with an IRL gift? Can I have your address?, "Do you like the new glamour gear that came in 3.1?" etc) — all anonymuosly. Only you and your Santa can view your wishlist.
  • You have approximately three weeks to come up with a gift and send it to your partner, if you're giving them something physical; if it's digital or in-game, the presents will be exchanged during the Starlight Celebrations on December 18th
  • If you can't be online on December 18th, you can give your gift in advance and reveal yourself.



  • The fun comes from the anonymity, so don't tell anyone whose Santa you are.
  • The gift is NOT supposed to be anything expensive. A letter? That's a cool gift! A fanmix burned on CD? Wow, neat! Can you draw? Can you write? Nice! It could also be an in-game item bought entirely with gil or crafted/gathered by yourself. Items from Mogstation are good presents too.
  • Don't be an ass when choosing the gift! We only want to make people happy, not offend anyone. Not that any of you would, but... well, there it is.


So sign up!

Send me a PM, email me (spectrekalenko@gmail.com), or /tell me your email address. Feeling lazy? Copy and paste:


/tell Ara Kirani hi, i'd like to join the Secret Santa :) my email address is 


My email address for the Secret Santa (subject line)

Hi, sign me up! My email address is .



As for the other party activities... well... we'll decide closer to the date. Post your ideas to the forum thread or comment this article.

10 November
Game News

3.1 Checklist and how to unlock stuff

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Personal 3.1 Guideline from Reddit

Unlocking 3.1 Content



An Uncertain Future Fortemps Manor (X:6 Y:6), NPC: Alphinaud
Void Ark  
Sky Pirates The Pillars (X:14 Y:10), NPC: Unquiet trader
Exploratory missions  
Diadem Company Workshop or Ishgard Pillars (X:14 Y:10)
Thordan's Reign Mor Dhona (X:21 Y:8), NPC: Alys
Saint Mocianne's Arboretum  
An Overgrown Ambition The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:12 Y:19), NPC: Tetchy treasure hunter
Pharos Sirius (Hard)  
Things Are Getting Sirius Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12 Y:12), NPC: Trachraet*
Beast Tribe Main Quests  
Three Beaks to the Wind The Sea of Clouds (X:11 Y:14), NPC: Sonu Vanu

* "So the NPC didn't have the quest for Pharos Hard for me, even though ive done it many times. If you have this problem, pick up the quest in Aleport (it automatically becomes complete if youve cleared it) and turn it in, in Aleport. If you are just now unlocking it, once you clear it, you have to pick up the quest a second time in aleport which will then give you the green checkmark for the quest."



Daily Treasure Map Wyvern and Dragonskin
Workshop Crafting Log New recipes
Gardening New items
Estate Vendor NPC House
Estate Sharing Upto 3 tenants
Adjust Lighting House
Lord of Verminion Minigame
Finer Miner Minigame
Out on a Limb Minigame
Minion Trader Minion Square (X:7 Y:7)

Modern Aesthetics saleswoman
(contest winner hairstyle)

Entrance Square (X:5 Y:6)
MGP Price claim New Items (including afro & new dances)
GoldSaucer Challenge Log Weekly objective
Flying Mount Roulette  
Change pose while sitting  /sit + /cpose
Idylshire aethernet  

Crafting items using Law

Idyllshire (X:5 Y:5), NPC Hismena
Obtain: Clan Mark Log Ishgard (X:13 Y:11), NPC Ardolain
Exchange: Clan Mark Log Idyllshire (X:5 Y:5), NPC Bertana
Retainer Exploration & Quick Ventures
Titles window Under Character Profile
Idling Camera /icam
Group Pose /gpose
Item Search /isearch [item name]
Thavnarian Dance /tdance
Gold Dance /gdance
Sun Dance /sundance
28 October
FC Events

All Saints' Wake with «Soul» !

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FRIDAY 30TH OCTOBER 2015, starting from 7pm GMT

  • Let's wear costumes and march into the cities! Ul'dah, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ishgard — let's celebrate Soul Serenity's first annual ALL SAINTS' WAKE with the whole playerbase!
  • Let's recruit new people! After all, we have cookies. ;)
  • Costume Photography: I'll take screenies of your character wearing your All Saints' Wake costume and edit it!


SATURDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2015, starting from 7 pm GMT

  • Missed the city-invading? Let's do it again!
  • Broom racing! Who finds the fastest route? Minion prizes for the fastest two!
  • And stuff! BE THERE!


12 October
FC News

Site is still in beta

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The site is up! Here you are! So FC members, feel free to register and start uploading your characters and discussing things in the forum. Registered accounts need my validation before they're able to post to the forum, however, in a case non-FC members (read: spam bots) try to register. If you find that annoying we can talk about it.

In any case, the site is working: use it. Something may act a bit wonky or look a bit unpolished, but I'll be fixing things here and there. Sneakily. Hopefully without breaking anything.

Also, I hereby declare the weekly saturday night event to be back! It's a raid in the calendar, but we can also do anything you want, like group photography or something. Remember to come online next saturday evening, 6pm GMT/server time!

If 6pm GMT is a bad time, we can change it. 

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