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03 March
FC Events

Find your SONGBIRD w/ «Soul» on 11th March!! ♫

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Find your inner SUPERSTAR ON STAGE. Bring your prettiest glamours. Dance. Strip.
Be captivating. Be bold. Be a SONGBIRD on SATURDAY 11th March 2017!
The event will start around 7 PM server time.

★ Become a Star ★

  • Create a solo or a group number to perform to others: it can be a macro'ed dance, a strip show (we know you are going to, Draven), fancy gear swapping magical girl transformation, or just a visit on the stage to show off your amazing glamour while making poses and interacting with the crowd. Do a mini fashion show. Tell XIV related (dad) jokes. Do a monologue. Roast someone (with their consent). There is no limit as long as it's possible in the game!
  • Participating in this isn't mandatory; you can just watch.
  • This is not a contest, but a way to engage and have fun. So no pressure whatsoever.
  • Instead of one grand prize every participant gets to choose one thing from the market board valued 100,000-200,000 Gil maximum. So sign up! (Gear, minions, mounts, bardings, furniture, these are all for grabs.)

♫ Be glamorous. Be captivating. Be bold. Be a Songbird. ♫

  • Although the general theme of the party is in the catchphrase, you don't have to dress in the Little Ladies's Day event outfit or use the /songbird emote. The main thing is to be as sparkly, fabulous, glamorous as possible — and that's it. Interpret it as you like. I mean, if we accept cowboy strippers as fantasy/fairytale characters/creatures, I'm sure we can consider anything sufficiently superstar-ly. Superstar-ic. Superstar-ish.... something. ;)
  • If all else fails, you can always do an U turn and come up with the ugliest glamour you can imagine. I mean, superstars have their downs as well as their ups, so why hide it? Stardom isn't glamorous, it's terrible. Show that.
  • For your musical needs I'm moving the Orchestrion behind the stage: feel free to use it.
  • You can discuss ideas and plans with others, including me. This is not a contest, after all.

✚ ... and more ✚

  • Let me know if you have any ideas while I'm coming up with more!
18 January
Game News

Patch 3.5 Checklist & What To Do

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Source | Patch Breakdown Google Docs

Main Story Quests

"Tidings from Gyr Abania" > The Rising Stones 6,6 > Tataru
Main scenario quest "An Ending to Mark a New Beginning" must be completed

Beast Tribe Quests (Moonlift Dance)

"When Good Dragons Go Bad" > Idyllshire 6,7 > Drydox
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" and the quests "The Nest of Honor," "A Symbiotic Friendship," and "The Zenith of Craftsmanship" must be completed


"The Last Pillar to Fall" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
Quest "Balance unto All" must be completed

Zurvan Extreme

"A Demonic Duplicate" > The Rising Stones 6,5 > Unukalhai
Quest "The Last Pillar to Fall" must be completed

Sohm Al (Hard)

"The Fires of Sohm Al" > Idyllshire 4,8 > Gossamer Moogle
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" must be completed

Dun Scaith

"Where Shadows Reign" > The Sea of Clouds 6,5 > Stacia
Quest "Freedom for Our Skies" must be completed


Side Quests (eyeglasses emote)

"An Egi by Any Other Name" > Limsa Lominsa 4,11 > Thubyrgeim
Quest "Primal Burdens" must be completed

"Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts" > Idyllshire 7,6 > Walking Atlas
Main scenario quest "Heavensward" must be completed and you must have obtained every Lanner mount


"The Proud and the Pointy-eyed" > Ishgard 9,11 > Cyr
Quest "Don't Trust Anyone over Sixty" must be completed


"The Student Body's Revenge" > Ishgard 8,7 > Briardien
Quest "Finding Ulaa" must be completed

Anima Weapon

"Born Again Anima" > Azys Lla 7,11 > Ardashir
Quest "Future Proof" must be completed


  • Hold Crtl while viewing the map
  • Test "Equip previous Set" and "Equip Following Set"
  • Try the search feature in the Journal window
  • Check out Duty Finder settings
  • Check out new Novice Network features
  • Check out the Raid Finder window
  • Check out the Log Filters
  • Check out EXTRAS in the Actions & Traits window
  • Check out Quick Chat in the Actions & Traits window
  • Talk to Grand Company's quatermaster
  • Check out Squadron windows
  • Check out "Paintings" section within Market Board
  • Experiment with Egi glamours
  • Set Keybind "Target Own Companion"
  • Check out the Party Finder window
  • Check out the Contact List window
  • Check out the Fitting Room window
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display help text when using cross-type main commands
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display Pop-up Text
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Pop-up Text size
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display registered duties in Timers
  • Character Configuration > UI Settings > Display duty registration details in Timers
  • Character Configuration > Hotbar settings
  • Character Configuration > Log Window Settings > Display World name in chat log when is another server
  • System Configuration > Other Settings > Group Pose/Idling Camera Settings
  • System Configuration > Gamepad Settings > Enable window zoom via R3

Other things to do

  • Check out Battlehall
  • Check out NPC Material Supplier & Housing Merchant in a housing area
  • Check out Idyllshire
  • Check out Bertana in Idyllshire 5,5
  • Check out NPC Joyous Painter and preview paintings in Idyllshire 4,6
  • Keep Company Workshop up to date
  • Obtain Garo event items
  • Use a database to overview new items
  • Obtain new orchestrion rolls
  • Obtain new Triple Triad cards
  • Fish new big fishes
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