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Patch 4.1 coming on Oct 10th! Just a few days until the housing rush!

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Preliminary Patch Notes @ Lodestone

News from the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXIX

Under the cut



Return to Ivalice, the new 24-man Alliance raid

  • Developed with Yasumi Matsuno for the scenario and Keita Amemiya for boss designs
  • New mechanics
  • Pay attention to the details!
  • (now I wish I had at least tried Tactics once, haha~ welp, at least I.... mm. *sweatdrop* almost.... finished XII on PS2....) 


The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain (Shinryu EX)

  • Much harder than Lakshmi and Susano, aimed difficulty between OS2 and OS3
  • DPS check, and a healer check (yikes! lmao) (promise to give me mana and imma coming as astrologian)
  • Weapon reward


The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) (in 4.11)

  • Planned to be released two weeks after 4.1 in 4.11
  • Rewards weapons with the same ilvl and substats as the Genji weapons and with three materia slots
  • ilvl 340 and completion of OS4 required
  • Rewards every party member with a token that can be exchanged for a weapon of their choice, obtainable once a week
  • Number of chests won't decrease if party has people who've completed the fight for the week
  • Dev team requests for feedback esp. regarding the difficulty



  • Dungeon Exploration will be available once the squadron reaches rank 2
  • The party composition will be a tank, a healer, and two DPS
  • Players will be able to enter the dungeons with three squadron members
  • In Patch 4.1 there will be a total of five dungeons available (so not all of them!)
  • Mission instructions
    • Players will be able to assign the type of AI
    • By gaining experience they will receive a buff
    • At the beginning, you will be restricted to the "free" style
  • Squadron Glamour
  • You can give orders to the squadron members: attack, fall back, use Limit Break
  • Squadron healer AI dps's. I repeat, the AI does damage when not healing! HA!
  • Emote rewards: squat, push up, sit up (nobody will ever abuse these ^^)


New beast tribe, the Kojin

  • Lvl 63; you need diving
  • Rewards outfit and a mount, the usual


Hildibrand: an introduction episode


Lost Canals of Uznair update

  • New maps leading deeper into the canals! (poor Uznair, whoever he is)
  • Underwater exploration?!
  • Three doors, various strong monsters with mechanics (full 8-man party recommended..? whyyy)
  • Chance to DOUBLE UP when opening a chest (with maximum of five steps)


Housing + Relocation Service

Steps for relocating

  1. Access the sign board for the plot you want to buy
  2. Select the option to purchase the plot
  3. Select the option to relocate
  4. The cost for relocation is the destination plot price minus 30% of the old plot price
  5. Once you make the purchase, the relocation is complete



  • Players will be able to store furniture and place both indoor and outdoor furnishings directly from the storeroom
  • Chocobo stables and miniature aetherytes can't be stored, they will be moved to the new yard automatically
  • Large estates/mansions will be able to store up to 400 furnishings
  • "We're gradually making it so furnishings are no longer destroyed upon removal. We would like for players to move furnishings, such as the seasonal furnishings, into the storeroom" (!!)
  • New Asian-themed furnishings!
  • Storerooms will be available for all housing types, including personal chambers and apartments


(all the fucking event furniture)


Changes to Veteran rewards

  1. Rank 1 Reward (60 Subscription Days) → Advent Attire
  2. Rank 2 Reward (150 Subscription Days) → Tantalus Attire
  3. Rank 3 Reward (240 Subscription Days) → Wild Rose Attire
  4. Rank 4 Reward (330 Subscription Days) → Leonhart Attire
  • Lodestone news article
  • When 4.1 is released, players will receive the rewards based on the subscription days requirements; if you meet them, you get them, and gorgeous outfits for all ♥
  • Us who already have some of the items will keep receiving them in the mail when making alts, including the removed rewards like the ugly ass mounts or more or less stupid minions
  • Removed old rewards are purchaseable with achievement certificates, which you get from Jonathas in Old Gridania; except for the Fantasia, which is now a quest reward for completing the ARR story

(if you want to read fuckbois crying "but muh e-peen!11" go to reddit, it's cringe-worthy ^^)



HUD updates + other quality of life/interface improvements

  • Developer Blog post showing off the HUD layout element changes
  • Max size of the HUD elements increased to 200%
  • Separate Buff/Debuff statuses + status display settings:
    • Prioritize the buffs added by you
    • Display buffs added by others
    • Adjust the size of the display
    • Adjust settings so that the window won’t be focused when using a gamepad
    • Choose how buffs are displayed
  • Target information: separate enemy HP, cast bar, buffs, debuffs
  • Simpler job gauges
  • A simpler party finder display
  • Generic 'Duty Action' you can drag into your hotbars (for using Vril, etc)
  • Desynth lvl requirement shown in the item tooltip and the desynth window
  • The game will remember which chat mode you used when you logged off (instead of reverting to /say)
  • You can have both your chocobo and a minion out at the same time, and you'll be able to see how much longer your cock will hang out


Bards get Perform (in 4.15)

  • Might be laggy; to improve on this Perform is pushed back to 4.15
  • "We would like to add more features to the group pose feature as well. For example, we’re thinking of adding more animations and types of musical instruments, and a mode where you can perform with everyone in the party. Please note, you cannot use this with a macro. Instead of everyone being able to perform the same thing, we want everyone to practice and perform their best!" 


New PVP Frontlines mode, Rival Wings (in 4.15)

  • 1 team VS 1 team, no more of the three teams bullshit
  • Objective is to destroy the opposing team's core
  • Players will be able to ride machina by collecting items to recharge them (one energy gauge per light party); machines are based on the Alexander bosses and will play their corresponding theme music
    • Cruise Chaser: effective against enemy combatants, including machina, but with low defence
    • Oppressor: uses missiles to destroy towers and cores; strong offensive powers; however, it will do little damage against enemy combatants and the movement speed is slower
    • Brute Justice: can be called forth when two of your own team’s towers are destroyed; very powerful
    • Mammets: not rideable; NPCs which move on their own and attack the opposing team’s towers



  • Players will be able to retrieve materia attached to their equipment (omg no need to save em VIs anymore!)
  • Custom deliveries weekly reset moved to Tuesday
  • Remember to give the earlier live letter notes a quick onceover, I'm not repeating every little thing!


Job adjustments

Check out the list from the official forums; adjustments are made to the following classes

  • Warrior
  • Dragoon
  • Ninja
  • Machinist
  • Arcanist base class
  • Summoner
  • Scholar
  • Caster role skills


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