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All Saints Wake »Where are the lalafels?»

28. October 2017 - written by shaijis at 18:29 • 0 Comments


with «Soul» and friends!

Event @ 7 PM→ server time

Come to the FC house!

Ward 10, Plot 2



Storm is coming. Prepare yourselves. | Goodbye HW party tonight, saturday 10th, around 8 PM GMT!

10. June 2017 - written by shaijis at 00:15 • 0 Comments

♦♦ A week to go until the Stormblood early access! ♦♦



Goodbye Heavensward, welcome Stormblood! gathering @ 8 PM-ish tonight on Saturday 10th

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launched on June 2015. We got new classes and a new race, and entered Ishgard. What were you thinking, two years ago? Did you have expectations, and were they, in the end, met? 

Let's gather up to chat about these two+ years of Final Fantasy XIV. Old player, new player, a returner — doesn't matter. Didn't get to 60, didn't gear up? Unless you stayed under lvl 50, you probably have some kind of memories of the expansion. Enjoyed the story? What plot twist stayed with you? Was anything a surprise, did something disappoint you? How about any of the FC events; did you take part, did you have fun?

If you have any favorite glamours you used, show them off! 

Just log in around 8 PM GMT and join us at the FC house!


Stuff to do depending on the peeps

  • Minion giveaway
  • HW primals (practises, kills if we can, fun with wiping regardless)
  • Alexander normal/savage (the floors we can do)
  • Void Ark → Weeping City → Dun Scaith
  • Diadem
  • Group screenshots!
  • Tour in Ishgard and Heavensward areas?


(No, this post is not late. An Ara is never late, nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to. Look, the HW and SB launch trailers! /runs)


Find your SONGBIRD w/ «Soul» on 11th March!! ♫

3. March 2017 - written by shaijis at 18:02 • 0 Comments

Find your inner SUPERSTAR ON STAGE. Bring your prettiest glamours. Dance. Strip.
Be captivating. Be bold. Be a SONGBIRD on SATURDAY 11th March 2017!
The event will start around 7 PM server time.

★ Become a Star ★

  • Create a solo or a group number to perform to others: it can be a macro'ed dance, a strip show (we know you are going to, Draven), fancy gear swapping magical girl transformation, or just a visit on the stage to show off your amazing glamour while making poses and interacting with the crowd. Do a mini fashion show. Tell XIV related (dad) jokes. Do a monologue. Roast someone (with their consent). There is no limit as long as it's possible in the game!
  • Participating in this isn't mandatory; you can just watch.
  • This is not a contest, but a way to engage and have fun. So no pressure whatsoever.
  • Instead of one grand prize every participant gets to choose one thing from the market board valued 100,000-200,000 Gil maximum. So sign up! (Gear, minions, mounts, bardings, furniture, these are all for grabs.)

♫ Be glamorous. Be captivating. Be bold. Be a Songbird. ♫

  • Although the general theme of the party is in the catchphrase, you don't have to dress in the Little Ladies's Day event outfit or use the /songbird emote. The main thing is to be as sparkly, fabulous, glamorous as possible — and that's it. Interpret it as you like. I mean, if we accept cowboy strippers as fantasy/fairytale characters/creatures, I'm sure we can consider anything sufficiently superstar-ly. Superstar-ic. Superstar-ish.... something. ;)
  • If all else fails, you can always do an U turn and come up with the ugliest glamour you can imagine. I mean, superstars have their downs as well as their ups, so why hide it? Stardom isn't glamorous, it's terrible. Show that.
  • For your musical needs I'm moving the Orchestrion behind the stage: feel free to use it.
  • You can discuss ideas and plans with others, including me. This is not a contest, after all.

✚ ... and more ✚

  • Let me know if you have any ideas while I'm coming up with more!

All Saints' Wake (with even more «Soul»)! on 29th Oct @ 6-7 PM server time

26. October 2016 - written by shaijis at 13:13 • 0 Comments


Come dressed as a FAIRYTALE CHARACTER (or in otherwise fairytale themed glamour)

 — best costume will be chosen by the members!

Other activities include:

minion giveaway
lalafel shenigans

So be at the FC house @ 29th October 2016 around 6 PM-ish server time!

2 Years Anniversary Tomorrow!! Sunday 17th July 7 PM-ish GMT / Server Time!

16. July 2016 - written by shaijis at 09:43 • 0 Comments


  • Adventures with adorable (or creepy, however you like it) lalafel twins!
  • Minions and mounts!
  • Fashion!
  • Screenshots!

Prepare your party outfit and let's celebrate!

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