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Soul static (name pending) first meet up on Friday 12 August at 8 PM server time!

6. August 2016 - written by shaijis at 22:58 • 0 Comments


  • Tera (WAR) and Karin (PLD)
  • Ara (SCH) and Twit and Dihada (WHM)
  • Ayleth (BLM), Amenia (idk), Arryan (MNK), Tolbain (BRD), Dihada (DRG)
  • Ayleth will be our raid leader

We'll start by doing Final Steps of Faith extreme — practise your rotations and read up/study the fight beforehand!

Also make sure you can use Discord! Just listening is fine.

Site is still in beta

12. October 2015 - written by shaijis at 20:50 • 0 Comments

The site is up! Here you are! So FC members, feel free to register and start uploading your characters and discussing things in the forum. Registered accounts need my validation before they're able to post to the forum, however, in a case non-FC members (read: spam bots) try to register. If you find that annoying we can talk about it.

In any case, the site is working: use it. Something may act a bit wonky or look a bit unpolished, but I'll be fixing things here and there. Sneakily. Hopefully without breaking anything.

Also, I hereby declare the weekly saturday night event to be back! It's a raid in the calendar, but we can also do anything you want, like group photography or something. Remember to come online next saturday evening, 6pm GMT/server time!

If 6pm GMT is a bad time, we can change it. 

Soul Serenity — the new beginning

9. October 2015 - written by shaijis at 01:40 • 0 Comments

Welcome to Soul Serenity's new home in the world wide web!

We are a small, friendly FC located on Phoenix server, Chaos datacenter. Our goal is to provide our members an online home where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves. If you are interested in joining us, you can do so by submitting an application or contacting us directly in game. In latter case, search for Ara Kirani.

Please enjoy your stay!

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